Good to know

Two of our 3 teachers receive a salary, currently paid by donations (unfortunately we can't always pay them on time every month, but of course we try as best we can). Happy is still a student, but very often comes to Upendo Face in her spare time as a volunteer to teach our children.

Our director Godfrey and his partner Bry, as well as our cook Felix also work as volunteers and do not get paid for their work yet. However, they eat and live at the orphanage and thus receive room and board. Godfrey's family lives in a house next to Upendo Face. They are self-supporting and do not live off our donations, on the contrary, they support the Upendo Face as much as they can. They regularly bring fruits and vegetables from their own garden; they donate a goat every year at Christmas to make a feast possible for our children. It is also thanks to them alone that the orphanage exists at all. It was them who provided us with the floor for Upendo Face.

As for me (Corinne), I try to support Upendo Face as much as possible from Switzerland, and I'm also regularly on site, because transparency is very important to me. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at any time.

[email protected] or +41 78 232 66 42.


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